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While I develop this site, I have decided to store my worksheets, revision booklets and other printable resources on the TES Website ( The TES website is a more robust site and is a place where thousands of other teachers from around the world share their work.
There are, however, so many resources available on the TES Website, it can be difficult to find specific ones. For this reason I am providing the links below to take you to a page that will show my uploads, grouped by type.

My resources are categorised as follows (Remember that ALL THE RESOURCES ARE FREE):

Y6 SATs Revision

KS2 Sats Revision

NEW for 2018, these are topic-based compilations of SATs questions with fully-worked solutions.

The compilations are designed to be printed as A4 or A5 booklets which are convenient for use in class or as homework. They can even be given to individual students if a parent is asking for ‘some more work’!

+ I have provided full solutions, with comments and working where helpful.
+ I have maintained the style of the actual SATs questions so that students can become comfortable with the way that SATs questions are presented.
+ Most of the questions are from actual SATs papers, but I have also added questions so that this resource matches the requirements the current curriculum better than the older resources that are still in common use (note that many of the older resources of this type contain questions on topics which are no longer examined).
+ I have spent a lot of time arranging the questions so that there is a general increase in difficulty as students work through them, and so that they fit on the pages better – this means less wasted space and significant paper-saving when printing 😃

At the moment 26 topic-booklets have been uploaded and they are all FREE.
Click --> to browse the full list.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts

A Treasure Hunt is a great activity which students love. They are ideal for revision, starters or plenaries and are a really great way for students to practise answering questions quickly while enjoying a break from traditional text books and worksheets.
These Treasure Hunt question cards have been prepared in two sizes. The large cards can be displayed around a classroom and used for a whole class activity; the smaller cards are good to use for group work or by individuals.
Unlike most Treasure Hunts, these have the added feature that the answers give an encrypted clue. Deciphering this clue reveals where the treasure is hidden!
Full instructions are given within the download

Click --> for a list of Treasure Hunts that are currently available.

Loop Cards

Maths Loop Cards

Each available topic has four sets of 16 well-formatted loop cards with carefully selected questions. Students choose a set of cards and sort them into order by answering the questions. After checking their answers, they can repeat the activity with a different version of the cards and check that they have learnt from earlier mistakes.
The cards are designed to be used by individuals, pairs or small groups. One of my favourite uses is for two students to have different versions of the cards and race each other. They then check their answers, shuffle, swap packs and race again (quickest overall time wins!)
Cut out card size of each card is approx. 65 x 90 mm.

[CLICK HERE] to see the Loop Card sets that are currently available.

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