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Access hundreds of quizzes and other interactive activities that will help you enjoy and improve your maths whether you are at school or at home. There are thousands of carefully designed questions to improve maths knowledge and help develop fluency in important maths skills. These activities, developed for ks1 up to GCSE, have been helping students to better their target grades for more than ten years.
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When ready, this area of the site will contain short videos that give clear explanations on concepts and skills. After some worked examples, there will be questions for students to attempt themselves and then they will have the option to watch the vi...
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One of my biggest joys in maths has always been puzzles and in this section of the site, I share some of my favourites. These puzzles cover a variety of topics and can be used as a starter or as part of a plenary. I will sometimes combine several puz...
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Miscellaneous Activities
This is a selection of some of my favourite maths tasks that help to develop skills, vocabulary and mathematical thinking. They include (but are not limited to) inquiry-type activities, cross-numbers and word-searches. Many are great for homework tas...
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Summary Notes
These are brief notes, worked examples and a selection of carefully designed exam-type questions, which are ideal for students to work through so that they are confident they understand what is required of a topic. If students want even more practice...
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Posters and Displays
I have always liked colourful classrooms and these posters (and other display items) not only help provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, they can be actively used within teaching and they provide a convenient long-term reference for students. The ...
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